• Medicaid and the Role of the Courts

    By interpreting and enforcing law, courts historically have played a vital role in shaping Medicaid policy. Among the thousands of cases interpreting Medicaid’s meaning, numerous decisions have led to further statutory and regulatory reforms.

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  • Trump Administration Court Filing Threatens Coverage for Preexisting Conditions

    Yesterday, the Trump Administration's Department of Justice dropped a bombshell in a rural Texas federal courthouse. The administration stated in a court filing that it would not defend three key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If the judge in the case agrees, millions of Americans with preexisting conditions...

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  • 2017 Annual Report

    2017 is a prime number, but that’s certainly not the only thing that made the past year unique. Read the Commonwealth Fund’s 2017 Annual Report — "The Year in Numbers" — for some of the key highlights from an eventful year, as well as a message from Commonwealth Fund...

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  • The Complex Needs of Medicaid Expansion Enrollees with Very Low Incomes

    Medicaid expansion has brought health coverage to many low-income, childless adults who previously didn’t qualify for public insurance programs. A new Commonwealth Fund issue brief examines the complex needs of this population in Minnesota, one of the handful of states that opted to broaden Medicaid eligibility prior to the...

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The ACA’s Innovation Waiver Program: A State-by-State Look
What is the current status of ACA innovation waivers for each state?

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