2010 Annual Report


Working toward the goal of a high performance health care system for all Americans, The Commonwealth Fund builds on its long tradition of scientific inquiry, a commitment to social progress, partnership with others who share common concerns, and the innovative use of communications to disseminate its work. The Fund's 2010 Annual Report provides highlights from the past year from the Fund's programs and points to new directions for the future.

What's Inside

 2010 Annual Report President's Message: Realizing the Potential of Health Reform. The landscape of American health care has changed dramatically since the Affordable Care Act was signed in March 2010. In this essay, Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis takes readers on a journey through the busy months leading to the passage of this historic law and the first stages of its implementation.  

Modernizing the 990-PF to Advance the Accountability and Performance of Foundations: A Modest Proposal. In this essay, Commonwealth Fund executive vice president and COO John E. Craig analyzes the shortcomings of the tax return form for private foundations, and discusses how the 990-PF could be transformed into a more effective instrument for promoting accountability and best practices in the foundation sector.

Program Highlights, 2010

Delivery System Innovation and Improvement

Health Reform Policy

Health System Performance Assessment and Tracking  

International Program in Health Policy and Innovation

  • International Program in Health Policy and Innovation  

Fellowship in Minority Health Policy

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